As “Women Turn Against GOP” in CT, Polls Show Stefanowski’s Support in the Gutter

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With less than 50 days until Election Day, Bob Stefanowski’s campaign is heading downhill. Two polls released in September show what little support Stefanowksi has left is quickly eroding, while Gov. Lamont’s support remains strong. Polls from Emerson and Quinnipiac show a double-digit race, with Lamont beating Stefanowski by 10 points and 17 points.

Stefanowski’s support is particularly abysmal with women. The Quinnipiac poll found “an overwhelming majority of women have abandoned the top of the Republican ticket in Connecticut, producing huge leads for Gov. Ned Lamont…” 

It’s no wonder Stefanowski is hemorrhaging support, as he continues to push an extreme agenda that’s in line with the MAGA wing of the Republican Party, but out of touch with Connecticut families. He has an ‘A’-rating from the NRA that he’s “very proud” of; and he gave Trump’s presidency an ‘A’-rating and refused to say if he’ll uphold protections for reproductive rights in Connecticut. He also still won’t disclose his top-secret list of consulting clients who he made millions off of.

Gov. Lamont remains incredibly popular. The Emerson poll found Gov Lamont’s favorable/unfavorable rating was 55% to 40%. The Quinnipiac poll found voters approve overwhelmingly of Lamont’s performance in office, 58% to 36%.”

“As more voters find out Bob Stefanowski’s extreme agenda hasn’t changed, they’re jumping ship and Stefanowski’s campaign is spiraling as a result,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Meanwhile, Gov. Lamont remains incredibly popular for his accomplishments in office, including growing the state’s economy, balancing the budget, cutting taxes and investing in public education.”