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As Walker Heads to Chicago to Campaign for Rauner, DGA Launches “Where’s Walker”

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Wisconsin Voters Can Follow Walker’s Extensive National Travel At

As Governor Scott Walker hits the road yet again for political travel, the DGA is launching “Where’s Walker,” a new interactive website. At, Wisconsin voters can follow along try to find their elusive governor as he flits around the country and leaves Wisconsin in the dust.
Scott Walker has spent his time as governor more focused on his own national political ambition than the families and small businesses of Wisconsin. As a presidential candidate and RGA Chair, Walker sure racked up the frequent flyer miles, and he hasn’t slowed down since.
Today, Walker finds himself in the Land of Lincoln where he’s headlining a $50,000 ticket fundraiser for fellow doomed governor and anti-working family crusader Bruce Rauner.
At, an interactive map shows highlights of Walker’s known national travel during his second term as governor. Zoom in and click on his head for more information, and check back often! We will update this site as Walker pops up across the country in 2018.
“Scott Walker has made clear that he’d rather chase national political stardom across the United States than solve the real problems Wisconsin is facing,” said DGA Press Secretary Melissa Miller. “That’s why the DGA is proud to launch to help Wisconsin voters track their elusive governor and his warped priorities as he jets around the country.”