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As Trump’s Feud With Ducey Gets Even Worse, DGA Updates

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Updated Website Calls Out How GOP Governors Are Stuck Between Ducey & Trump, Among Other GOP Infighting and Chaos

As Doug Ducey is once again being attacked by Donald Trump, the DGA is updating its recently-launched website,, which details how the RGA and Doug Ducey are stuck in the middle of the ongoing GOP civil war.In particular, at a rally in support of Arizona’s sham election audit, Trump repeatedly blasted Ducey while the audience cheered in response saying“he doesn’t do a damn thing.” 

The first new section to the website details how a conservative organization is criticizing the RGA’s fundraising practices, once again putting GOP governors in between Ducey and Trump’s major feud. Specifically, a recent report from a pro-Trump organization founded by a former Trump White House staffer slams Ducey, saying, “the current donor class to RGA raises concerns about outside money from leftist donors influencing the policy direction of the group that is now under Gov. Ducey’s leadership.”

Given that Republican governors like Ron DeSantis, Brian Kemp, Greg Abbott, and more have repeatedly criticized these corporations, the new report raises the question: Do these governors stand with the RGA or with the pro-Trump group bashing Ducey? 

The second updated section highlights the growing infighting among GOP governors, including how Gov. Kristi Noem attacked her fellow Republican governors for their response to the pandemic, accusing them of “rewriting history.”

“Much like how Ducey’s RGA failed to protect numerous incumbents from divisive primaries, Republican governors are now publicly attacking each other. Meanwhile, the pressure continues to grow for Republican governors and candidates to pick a side in the Ducey/Trump battle,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “The RGA is in disarray – and we’re going to continue calling out how Doug Ducey’s ongoing nasty public feud with Donald Trump continues to cause major headaches and raise serious questions for GOP governors across the country.”