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As Trump Attempts To Interfere In New Hampshire Democratic Primary, Chris Sununu Welcomes Him With Open Arms

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Trump Campaign Admits They Wanted Secret Service To Disrupt Granite Staters Ability To Move Around State’s Most Populous City 

After being dogged by the New Hampshire GOP’s criminal interference in the democratic process, Chris Sununu is turning a blind eye to Donald Trump’s attempts to interfere in the New Hampshire primary.
Trump campaign officials admitted to the AP that they hoped Secret Service movements around the rally would interfere with Manchester residents’ ability to move around the city the night before the primary.
Ignoring this blatant attempt at interfering in the New Hampshire primary would not be out of character for Sununu, who has made a name for himself by vetoing bills that would make it easier to vote, including two bills that would have made it easier for college students to vote and a bipartisan bill to establish an independent redistricting process. The ACLU has compared the voting restrictions to a poll tax.
“Election interference is a growing threat and instead of taking that seriously, Chris Sununu welcomed Donald Trump’s anti-democratic antics into New Hampshire,” said DGA National Press Secretary, Jerusalem Demsas. “While disappointing, this behavior is in line with Chris Sununu’s record of restricting the right to vote and the New Hampshire GOP’s election tampering schemes. Granite Staters deserve better.”