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As Pennsylvanians Stand to Receive Billions from American Rescue Plan, PA Republicans Still Refuse to Support COVID Aid

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Today, President Joe Biden is flying to Pennsylvania to celebrate the American Rescue Plan. As Pennsylvanians stand to benefit greatly from the ARP, Republicans in Pennsylvania, including GOP candidate Joe Gale, still refuse to support the bill.

Overall, the state is set to receive $7.4 billion – including $5.1 billion for schools and stimulus checks for more than 86% adults and 84% of children in the state. The ARP is extremely popular – 70% percent of Americans support the plan, and 64% of Republicans support the stimulus checks, a key element of the proposal.

GOP gubernatorial candidate Joe Gale’s fellow Republicans in PA all voted against stimulus checks for Pennsylvanians, relief for struggling families, additional benefits for unemployed people, state and local aid, and additional funds for vaccines and public education. Gale still has yet to comment on whether he supports this much-needed aid.

Congressmen Dan Meuser, Mike Kelly, and Guy Reschenthaler, who have all been floated as potential GOP candidates, voted against the ARP. Other potential candidates including former Rep. Lou Barletta, state Rep. Doug Mastriano, and former PA House Speaker Mike Turzai have failed to voice their support for the aid. It’s no wonder PA Republicans are avoiding the subject – the PA GOP gubernatorial primary is already turning into a Trump loyalty test.

“Republicans in Pennsylvania voted against COVID relief for their constituents, and Joe Gale has nothing to say,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “Pennsylvanians deserve an answer – does GOP candidate Joe Gale support COVID-19 relief for Pennsylvanians, or does he stand with out-of-touch Pennsylvania Republicans?”