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As North Carolina’s Medicaid Expansion Enrollment Soars, Mark Robinson Wants to Rip It All Away

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As North Carolina’s Medicaid Expansion Enrollment Soars, Mark Robinson Wants to Rip It All Away

The growing success of North Carolina’s Medicaid expansion, including 448,242 North Carolinians receiving health care access since December, serves as a staunch reminder of Lt. Governor Mark Robinson’s determination to strip it all away.

Since it launched in December, North Carolina’s Medicaid expansion has provided access to health care coverage for an additional 600,000 residents, or nearly six percent of the state’s population. This expansion has broken down barriers to essential health care services, such as maternity care and prescription drug benefits — with rural communities seeing the biggest increase in enrollment.

Meanwhile, Mark Robinson’s staunch opposition presents a clear and present danger to the growing number of North Carolina families who rely on Medicaid for health care.

  • In 2022, Robinson stated: “I’m not in favor of Medicaid expansion… I hope that it fails because I don’t want our health care in this state to be turned over to the federal government.”
  • In 2023, after Medicaid expansion passed with bipartisan support, Robinson told a local radio host: “I’m still not in favor of that.”

Robinson has also expressed his most extreme views on health care on social media, calling the ACA a “concentrated effort” to “enslave everybody.”

“As hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians are finally getting the health care they need thanks to Medicaid expansion, Mark Robinson’s plan to strip it all away looks increasingly dangerous.” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Izzi Levy. “While Democrats and Republicans alike have applauded this historic win for North Carolina families, Robinson stands alone in his opposition — reminding North Carolinians that they simply cannot afford his extreme agenda.”