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As New Hampshire Reels from Massive Flooding, Gov. Sununu Makes More Stops on Self-Serving National Media Tour

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As New Hampshire Reels from Massive Flooding, Gov. Sununu Makes More Stops on Self-Serving National Media Tour

While New Hampshire communities are still reeling from severe flooding that left roads – and towns – completely underwater, Gov. Chris Sununu made clear that his priority remains elevating his own profile and continuing his national press tour, not helping Granite Staters recover from the storms.

On Monday, Gov. Sununu joined national politicians and pundits at an event to hear from candidates he had no intention of voting for, and on Tuesday, he announced his plans to travel to Texas’ Southern border less than a week after a second consecutive week of storms shuttered or damaged over 100 roadsand caused extensive damage around the Granite State.

This is not the first time Sununu has abandoned the state for his cross-country press tour: in just over a year, Sununu traveled out of state more than 30 timesfor personal reasons not related to the job he holds as New Hampshire’s chief executive, including for interviews and fundraising events.

“As first responders and communities across the state work to recover from this weekend’s flooding, Gov. Chris Sununu is hard at work on his cross-country press tour,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Izzi Levy. “Senioritis Chris still has eighteen months to go before he leaves office, but you’d never know it from his busy schedule of meet-and-greets with pundits and out-of-state photo ops.”

Earlier this month, the DGA reminded New Hampshire voters of all the other reasons Gov. Sununu is unfit for another term, including signing the most extreme abortion ban in modern New Hampshire history, failing to address the state’s worsening housing crisis, and attacking public education. Through it all — and as he continues to disparage the office of governor — Sununu is still refusing to reveal whether he will be seeking a fifth term after promising to make a decision sometime around the July 4th holiday.