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As Investigation Intensifies, GOP Lawmakers (And Everyone Else) Call on Greitens to Resign

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House Announces Investigation, Prosecutor Says More Charges Possible

Time is running out for Eric Greitens in Missouri. In the wake of last week’s indictment, everyone – from Republican lawmakers to editorial boards – is calling for his resignation. Just yesterday, Missouri House members launched their own investigation into the felony invasion of privacy charge against the governor, while the St. Louis prosecutor hinted that additional charges might be coming. The DGA called on Greitens to resign last week.
Here’s are a few highlights from the coverage:
KMOV: GOP lawmakers call for Greitens’ resignation as party leadership announces investigation

A dozen Republican lawmakers on Monday signed a letter calling for Missouri Governor Eric Greitens to resign amid his indictment in St.Louis. The first-term Republican governor was indicted late Thursday on felony invasion of privacy. The charge stems from an extramarital affair he had with his hairdresser in March 2015, before he was elected.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Greitens under fire as Missouri House launches probe; prosecutors may seek more charges

In a historic decision, the Missouri House formally launched an investigation Monday that could lead to the impeachment and ouster of Gov. Eric Greitens. House Speaker Todd Richardson named seven members to a special committee that will lead the unprecedented probe of a Missouri chief executive. The hastily formed panel will be chaired by Rep. Jay Barnes, R-Jefferson City.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Greitens cannot defend himself in court while running the state. Resign, governor.

This is not the person Missourians thought they were voting for in 2016. Missourians have every right to demand a full-time governor who is here to serve our state’s best interests. Greitens cannot effectively represent Missouri as governor while defending himself against the serious charges that caused him to be led away by sheriff’s deputies Thursday. He should resign.

KC Star: Greitens didn’t shoot straight with Missourians, can’t govern under indictment

But he must know — as all of Missouri knows — that Thursday’s felony indictment will present an enormous distraction from his work as governor and the difficult problems facing the state he wishes to lead. Greitens has few friends in the Missouri General Assembly. Calls for his resignation are already multiplying. Some members of the legislature may contemplate impeachment.

Springfield News-Leader: Time to remove Greitens from office

However, the events that unfolded Thursday create a completely different situation. Regardless of whether we agree or disagree with decisions he’s made as our governor, the fact that he’s now facing a felony invasion of privacy indictment means he should no longer hold the office.

Washington Missourian: Greitens Should Resign

The governor is a liability — to his party and to his state. It’s time to turn the page on this sad and shameful chapter in Missouri history. If Greitens really cares about our state and its reputation, he will do the right thing and step down. The scandal has gone on long enough. It’s time for new leadership and a new direction.