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As Florida Republicans Look to Pass Texas-Style Abortion Ban, Ron DeSantis Refuses to Oppose the Extreme and Dangerous Bill

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When asked about a dangerous Texas-style abortion ban that his party is pushing in Florida, Ron DeSantis “fumbled” his response, refusing to oppose it and dodging questions.

While Roe V. Wade is under attack like never before with news the Supreme Court will soon hear a direct challenge to the case, the Florida bill, which was recently filed by GOP legislators, “would ban most abortions in the state and would allow lawsuits against doctors who violate it.” DeSantis refused to condemn this blatant attack on reproductive rights and instead used it as an opportunity to reaffirm his unwavering stance against reproductive choice.

After Texas passed its extreme abortion ban, DeSantis called the legislation “interesting” and said he was “going to look more significantly at it.”

“Ron DeSantis is clearing the way for his party to pass a dangerous, extreme, and unconstitutional attack on the right to choose that puts Floridians at risk,” said DGA Deputy Communications Sam Newton. “While he uses ‘personal freedom’ as an excuse to avoid implementing basic pandemic precautions to ensure public safety, his own logic apparently doesn’t extend to giving people the freedom to make their own reproductive health care decisions. Ron DeSantis’ extremism, from his attacks on the right to choose to his failed hyperpartisan pandemic response, is threatening Floridians’ health and basic rights, and it’s unequivocally wrong for the state.”