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As Daniel Cameron’s Empty Education Apology Tour Continues, DGA Launches New Video Setting the Record Straight

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As Daniel Cameron’s Empty Education Apology Tour Continues, DGA Launches New Video Setting the Record Straight

The DGA launched a new video exposing Daniel Cameron for his damaging track record on public education, including his support for an unconstitutional voucher program that would take money from public schools to help fund unaccountable private schools, and for claiming he would have defended Matt Bevin’s brutal plan to dismantle hard-earned pensions for public school teachers.

Cameron also solidified his anti-public education stance by selecting state Senator Robby Mills, one of the architects behind the attacks on teacher pensions in the state legislature, as his running mate. Mills even called for a special session on the matter to try to pass the same harmful law again.

This comes as Cameron has been desperately trying to offer bizarre and empty apologies to educators on behalf of the Kentucky GOP after years of vilifying teachers and hurting public education across the state.

“Daniel Cameron’s real record is bad for students, bad for parents, bad for teachers, bad for public schools, and bad for Kentucky, and no amount of fake apologies or election-year flip-flopping will change that,” said DGA States Press Secretary Emma O’Brien. 

Watch the video here or view a transcript below: 

ANNOUNCER: Daniel Cameron is trying to rewrite his record on public education.

DANIEL CAMERON: “Sorry for any comments that have led you to have serious misgivings about the Republican Party on the topic of education.”

ANNOUNCER: The truth is, Cameron wants to take money away from our public schools.

DEBATE MODERATOR: “Do you support charter schools and also private school vouchers, yes or no.”


ANNOUNCER: And when it came to Matt Bevin’s unconstitutional plan to dismantle pensions for teachers and police officers…

CAMERON: “I would have enforced and upheld the law.”

ANNOUNCER: Daniel Cameron’s policies to attack our public schools, hurt students, parents, and teachers. He’s wrong for Kentucky.