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As Congress Prepares to Vote on the Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, Will Mike Gallagher Let Down Wisconsinites Once Again?

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Congress is preparing to vote on the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, a historic bipartisan agreement that will make the largest long-term investment in our infrastructure in nearly a century.

The infrastructure deal will create millions of good-paying, union jobs, while putting America on a solid path to building a stronger, more sustainable, and more equitable economy — all without raising taxes.

The bill is a gamechanger for American workers and families and it’s extraordinarily popular. For Wisconsin, the infrastructure package would secure a minimum of $5.2 billion for federal-aid highway apportioned programs, $225 million for bridge replacement and repairs, and $595 million to improve public transportation options over five years. Wisconsin will also receive a minimum of $100 million to help increase broadband coverage across the state, which would help provide access to the at least 318,000 Wisconsinites who currently lack it.

Despite the enormous support for this bill among economists, labor leaders and everyday Americans, Mike Gallagher still refuses to publicly support it. Gallagher previously opposed the American Rescue Plan, despite the critical direct assistance it provided to Wisconsinites struggling during the pandemic.

“After voting against the American Rescue Plan and opposing necessary relief for millions, Mike Gallagher will now once again demonstrate if his priorities lie with his constituents, or with his party’s extreme agenda,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “Will he vote for this historic bill that will deliver much-needed progress and opportunity to Wisconsinites, or will he once again leave them high and dry?”