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As Ayotte Races to Rewrite Her Record, Fact Check Exposes NHGOP’s Lies on Plans to Further Restrict Abortion

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As Ayotte Races to Rewrite Her Record, Fact Check Exposes NHGOP’s Lies on Plans to Further Restrict Abortion 

The New Hampshire Bulletin released a fact check after the New Hampshire Republican Party’s press conference marking the two-year anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, noting that the platform for the New Hampshire Republican party calls for further restricting abortion rights.

From the New Hampshire Bulletin: 

  • CLAIM: “Republicans support the law as it is and oppose changes.”
  • FACT: “The New Hampshire Republican Party’s platform… supports significant restrictions,” including “‘pre-born child’s fundamental right to life’ and ‘personhood’ laws that could equate the termination of a pregnancy with murder. It also states support for a Life at Conception Act, which congressional Republicans have introduced in recent years.” With lengthy track records attacking reproductive rights, Granite Staters can’t trust Chuck Morse or Kelly Ayotte to protect their fundamental freedoms.
  • FACT: After Gov. Chris Sununu signed the first modern abortion ban in New Hampshire’s history with no exceptions for rape and incest and which calls for civil and criminal penalties for doctors and health care professionals, he bragged about it, claiming he has “done more on the pro-life issue…than anyone” and that he is “the first governor in 40 years to sign an abortion ban.”

Notably, the press conference failed to mention Republican candidates for governor Chuck Morse’s and Kelly Ayotte’s dangerous track records of pushing for extreme abortion restrictions. This also comes as the Granite Post reportson a new video released by the New Hampshire Democratic Party that holds Ayotte accountable for her legacy of serving as Neil Gorsuch’s “sherpa,” paving the way for the overturning of Roe and paved the way for dangerous abortion bans across the country.

“Republicans across the state, including Kelly Ayotte and Chuck Morse, lie about their dangerous and extreme track records on abortion because they know their positions are deeply unpopular with Granite Staters,” said DGA States Press Secretary Emma O’Brien, “No matter how hard they try to spin and downplay their positions, New Hampshire voters know when it comes to reproductive rights, Kelly Ayotte or Chuck Morse can’t be trusted.”