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‘As a White Male,’ Rauner Refuses to Denounce IPI Cartoon

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Rauner Still Won’t Admit He’s Seen the Cartoon

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner embarrassed himself once again today when he gave a bizarre statement as to why he still couldn’t comment on the widely criticized “racist” Illinois Policy Institute cartoon. For some reason, Rauner believes that his status as a white man disqualifies him from denouncing racism.
From his statement:
The governor has great respect for the black caucus and members of the General Assembly who voiced concerns about the cartoon. The governor’s office has also heard from members of the black community who found truth in the imagery and do not find the cartoon offensive. Here is where things stand: The cartoon was removed days ago. And the governor – as a white male – does not have anything more to add to the discussion.
“Bruce Rauner’s abdication of moral leadership just reached a whole new level,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “All Illinoisans should take a stand against racism and prejudice, regardless of their own race or background. As we saw in the aftermath of Charlottesville, this is particularly true for our elected leaders. Bruce Rauner exempting himself from the conversation because he’s a white man shows just how little he understands the problem.”