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Arizona Economist: Lake’s ‘Economic Plan’ Won’t Help Families Struggling with Rising Costs

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“Like trying to put out a fire with jet fuel”

With inflation a top issue for Arizona voters, new reporting shows Kari Lake’s half-baked economic agenda will do next to nothing to provide relief to the millions of Arizona families struggling with rising costs. An economic expert explains that while the details of Kari Lake’s ‘plan’ to grow Arizona’s economy are still murky, her tax plan could make inflation worse, not better.

The same report praised Katie Hobbs’ plan, saying that Hobbs’ economic plan to provide a monthly child care tax credit to families could help get people back to work and “can help combat inflation.”

Economist and gubernatorial economic advisor Dennis Hoffman said Lake’s plan to eliminate the income tax as a way to combat inflation would be “like trying to put out a fire with jet fuel.” “It just doesn’t work,” he added.

Lake’s backwards economic plan could also bankrupt the state of Arizona, leaving it unable to pay its bills and fund essential services like law enforcement, public schools, and health care.

Kari Lake has already shown how little she cares about the real issues facing Arizona, repeatedly saying that “election integrity” is her number one issue and nothing else matters unless you address those (sham) concerns.

“Instead of putting forward an actual plan to help people in Arizona with rising costs, Kari Lake is more concerned with relitigating the election, putting cameras in classrooms, and legalizing rocket launchers,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Katie Hobbs, on the other hand, has a plan to take on inflation and lower costs for families who need help most. The contrast between the two candidates for governor and their economic agendas couldn’t be more clear.”