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Another Sluggish Job Report As Illinois Falls Further Behind Under Rauner

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One Of The Worst Job Growth Rates In The Nation, And Each Resident Owes $1k More In Debt

Today, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its monthly state-level job report, and once again the data confirms Illinois’ economy is at best still sputtering along. Governor Rauner’s own administration described job growth as “well below” the national average.
While all eyes turn to Springfield for the Special Session called for two days after the Governor’s big fundraiser, the economic costs of Bruce Rauner’s failed leadership are starting to pile up:

  • Over the past year, Illinois has had one of the worst job growth rates in the nation, and it was one of the few states to actually see its labor force shrink over the same period.
  • The state’s budget stalemate had a direct impact on employment in Illinois – the state’s higher education system shed 2,400 positions under Rauner, and service providers like the Lutheran Child and Family Services cut workers.
  • The state’s debt climbs higher and higher, and will cost families hard earned dollars. WBEZ reporter Dan Weissmann calculated the state has added on at least $1,000 per resident in new debt that will have to be paid off.

What’s Governor Rauner’s re-election message?
“Illinois’ economy is not improving under Governor Rauner,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “In fact, his economic failures are costing Illinois families jobs and money, and will only hamper the state’s ability to grow in the future. If hard-working families are going to get ahead, they need Governor Rauner to start looking out for their well-being, not his political interests.”