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Another Day and Bridgegate Scandal Proves Christie is a Liability for Republican Governors

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It’s another day of distractions and horrible press for RGA Chairman Chris Christie.
After today’s disastrous press conference that raised more questions than it answered, Governor Christie is even more of a liability for his fellow scandal-scarred Republican governors. Reporters and news outlets openly mocked Christie’s self-released report clearing him of any wrongdoing, which has already cost taxpayers $1 million dollars for an “artificial” investigation to claim Christie’s innocent.
If Governor Christie thought this sham would help put the Bridgegate scandal to bed, he was dead wrong. This is yet another unwelcome distraction for the RGA and its Chairman, and it is baggage that Christie will carry every time he stands beside a Republican Governor–if any will still be seen with him.
Here’s a sample of the coverage:
ABC News: “The mammoth document paints a portrait of a governor’s office with structural flaws severe enough that the attorneys believe it must be cleaned up by an ethics czar and constituent advocate.”
National Journal: “However, the report does state that David Wildstein, the former Port Authority official who orchestrated the lane closures, said he told Christie about the traffic issue at a public event while the closures were happening. But Christie said that he did not recall the interaction.”
The Wall Street Journal: “Gibson Dunn is charging the state $650 an hour for the internal probe and to represent the governor’s office in response to the investigations.”
Politico: “An internal investigation of the traffic scandal that has roiled New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s administration reveals new details about messy dynamics in his office”
@TPM Christie’s own lawyer reveals #Bridgegate shocker: Governor was told about closures 
@mattkatz00.@GovChristie‘s mentor, David Samson, who allegedly in charge of “retaliation,” not allowed to be interviewed for unknown reason #Bridgegate
@mattkatz00Wildstein says he told gov about traffic on 9/11, but “gov does not recall the specifics of that conversation,” says atty #BridgegateReport
@mattkatz00“It’s a search for the truth.” – lawyer says. But deep skepticism so far in briefing room over impartiality & fairness of #BridgegateReport
@BuzzFeedAndrewChris Christie’s Lawyer Says Chris Christie Did Nothing Wrong …
@AndreaWNYCDeputy Mayor Mastro once advised me to be skeptical of investigations that didn’t interview witnesses under oath.
@hunterwChristie says he doesn’t recall being told about the #Bridgegate closures and wouldn’t have remembered if he was told …
@AndreaWNYCReport doesn’t answer a separate question:  WHY was it time for traffic problems in Fort Lee #bridgegate report
@bobingle99 There wasn’t much new in the report. Basically repeats what Christie said on Jan. 9, his last press conference. He has avoided press since.
@morningmoneyben It’s like saying: “My son Jacob’s investigation into whether he kicked his brother found that no, he did not kick his brother.”
@DanjanisonHere’s a shocker: The lawyers Christie hired at state expense to get out ahead of official investigations into Bridgegate “clear” him.
@nycjimReport commissioned by Chris Christie (and funded by taxpayers) concludes Chris Christie had no role in Bridgegate.
@bobingle99 Apparently nobody talked to Dawn Zimmer or people close to her for GWB report. But they are sure her allegations are totally false.