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Annnnd They’re Off: Bevin Lagging Behind The Pack Heading into Derby Weekend

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Dem Challengers Outraised Bevin, Popularity and Scandals Weigh Down Reelection Bid

The Derby might be on Saturday, but one horserace in Kentucky is already well underway and Gov. Matt Bevin is bringing up the rear.
The candidates for governor recently released their fundraising reports and every major Democratic candidate has raised more than Bevin, the latest sign that he may not have what it takes when they come down the homestretch this November.
There are plenty of reasons to explain why Bevin’s falling off the pace. A new poll showed that he’s the least popular governor in the entire country. Bevin is 19 points underwater overall, and 21 points underwater with Independent voters in the state. And every single week, his administration seems to be dealing with a new controversy. Just yesterday, newly released documents revealed that Bevin was personally instructing his staff to block constituents who were criticizing him on social media. And last week, he tried to blame striking teachers as the reason a tragic shooting happened between two young children.
“With sagging poll numbers, weak fundraising, and endless scandals, Matt Bevin’s campaign is looking like it should be scratched,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “While Bevin’s campaign is defined by distractions, Democrats have their blinders on, focusing on how they can deliver for working families across Kentucky. No matter who our nominee is, they will have what it takes to put Bevin out to pasture for good.”