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Angry & Reckless Tom Foley Shows How Unfit He Is To Be Gov As He Blames Workers For Losing Their Jobs

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A reckless, angry, and erratic Tom Foley showed just how unfit he is to be governor yesterday when he engaged in a war of words with local workers and an elected official at his own press event, blaming them for the closing of a paper mill and the loss of their jobs.  It is particularly ironic that Foley would blame the workers for the mill since it was closed by a profit-hungry private equity firm – something Foley is all too familiar with.
Unsurprisingly, Tom Foley faced massive backlash and a slew of negative headlines over his bizarre conduct.
Here’s a sample of the coverage that summarizes Tom Foley’s embarrassing day on the trail:
The Bulletin: “Foley spars with Osten, Fusion workers during Sprague campaign stop”
The CT Mirror: “A Tom Foley press conference goes awry in Sprague”
Associated Press: “Foley gets backlash from workers, first selectman at closing Sprague paperboard factory”
The Connecticut Post: “Foley ambushed by state Sen. Osten at news conference”
CT News Junkie: “Foley, Opponents Argue Outside A Closing Paper Mill in Sprague”
The Day: “Foley, Osten get testy over layoffs at Sprague press conference”
The Huffington Post:GOP Gov. Candidate’s Press Conference Goes Terribly Wrong
The CT Mirror: “By the time he left, Foley had defended the decision of the absentee owners and told the selectwoman and workers they shared blame for the mill’s demise.”
The Connecticut Post: “The most heated exchange between the two comes at the 5-minute mark of the video, with Osten telling Foley that the mill is closing because the private equity firm that owns it was trying to maximize profits the way Foley’s private equity firm did when a textile manufacturer closed one of its plants in Georgia …”