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All Democratic Governors Have Now Issued Mask Orders While Republicans Continue to Drag Their Feet

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All Democratic governors have issued a mask order, while the majority of Republican governors are still ignoring public health experts and refusing to implement any mask requirements. Experts predict widespread mask use could save tens of thousands of lives.

Presently, 18 Republican governors have no mask requirement in their states, including Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, whose state is running out of ICU beds.

Some Republican governors, like Missouri Gov. Mike Parson, are putting the people around them at risk and refusing to wear masks themselves. And Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds have gone above and beyond to ignore science and common sense – they are blocking localities from implementing their own mask requirements. It’s no coincidence that this crew also has three of the lowest approval ratings among all 50 governors.

This nonsense goes against the opinions of most voters. 3 in 4 Americans are in favor of mask mandates, including the majority of Republicans.

Democratic governors are on the side of common sense, science, and saving lives. Studies project that states run by Republicans will see larger increases in COVID-19 death rates. States run by Democrats were faster, on average, to implement stay-at-home orders and “more forcefully advocated for caution.” Now, they’re leading on masks too.

“Democratic governors are following facts and science, while Republican governors continue to ignore public health officials,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “Republican governors need to stop messing around – widespread mask use can curb the spread of the coronavirus and save lives.”