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AJC Report: Vulnerable Incumbent Brian Kemp Set to Face Bruising GOP Primary As Soon As This Week

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Yesterday, a report from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution made it increasingly clear that vulnerable incumbent Brian Kemp is set to face a bruising Republican primary, as Vernon Jones is “likely to announce” a campaign for governor as soon as this week. 

This comes as Trump is taking more and more steps to make good on his promise to campaign against Kemp in a Republican primary. Just a few days ago, Jones was even spotted at Mar-A-lago, where Trump enthusiasticallyasked him in front of a crowd, “When are you announcing? When are you announcing?” 

In addition to his major intraparty problem, Kemp continues to be “squeezed from both sides,” as he’s struggling to contain the widespread backlash, along with economic pain he’s caused local businesses and workers, by signing a disastrous bill to restrict voting rights.

As just one humiliating example of how difficult it will be for Kemp to defend his out-of-touch and unpopular record, he recently stumbled to explain his support for criminalizing handing out water to people waiting in line to vote by saying, “they can order Grubhub or UberEats.”

“With Trump vowing to campaign against him, economic backlash to his bill to restrict voting rights, and a strongly energized Democratic base, Brian Kemp is increasingly the loneliest person in Georgia politics,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “A bruising Republican primary from Vernon Jones or any other Republican candidate will only exacerbate all the problems Kemp is facing – and it’s just getting started.”