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Air Karrin Accused of Taking Flights to Campaign Events on Husband’s Private Jet

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Private Air Travel Not Reported in KTR’s Campaign Finance Reports

In yet another example that she’s completely out-of-touch with working Arizonans, new reporting shows Karrin Taylor Robson looks to be traveling to campaign events in her husband’s multi-million dollar private jet.

None of the flights on Air Karrin have been properly reported in her campaign finance reports.

This past weekend, a private jet registered to her husband’s company took an 11-minute flight to Glendale, a short drive from Taylor Robson’s campaign event with Mike Pence, then to another town where the two campaigned together hours later.

When Arizona’s Family looked into other flights made by the jet, they found several stops coinciding with Taylor Robson’s campaign events — including a Nashville, TN meeting at the RGA’s spring conference.

“While everyday Arizonans work hard to put food on the table and secure quality education and jobs, Air Karrin has been zipping around the state on her husband’s multi-million dollar private jet — and then trying to hide it,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Karrin Taylor Robson is sneaky and out-of-touch — and Arizonans deserve to know what else she’s hiding.”