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After Supporting Law to Jail Doctors, Tudor Dixon Called Doctor’s Medical Advice “The Devil’s Lie”

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In a video newly unearthed by VICE News, Tudor Dixon — who backs a dangerous 1931 abortion ban that would criminalize and jail medical providers — called legitimate medical advice from doctors “the devil’s lie.”

“I have so many people in my life who, if the doctors looked at that ultrasound, they would have said, ‘You’d be better off not having this child,’” Dixon said. “And that’s just the devil’s lie.”

“Dixon’s comment raises questions about whether the candidate trusts doctors’ medical opinions when it comes to abortions, regardless of whether a patient’s health or life is at stake,” VICE reported.

Dixon has made headlines throughout her campaign for her dangerous plans to ban abortion. She’s said that a 14-year-old victim of incest is a “perfect example” of why she opposes exceptions to an abortion ban and said forcing a teenage victim of rape to give birth is “healing.”

“Tudor Dixon is so deadset on her dangerous plan to ban abortion that not only does she want to criminalize medical providers, but now we know she’s also been attacking the legitimate medical advice that doctors give to their patients,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “This is just the latest in a string of disqualifying statements where Dixon has made it clear she is too dangerous for Michigan.”