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After Summer of Struggles, Walker and RGA Try to Save Flailing Guadagno Campaign

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Guadagno Embraces Christie and Walker, RGA Launches First Ad

After a tough summer left New Jersey Republican Kim Guadagno’s campaign struggling in the polls and fundraising efforts, the RGA is finally getting involved in the campaign.
With her back to the wall, Guadagno turned to Chris Christie and his old pal Scott Walker to help raise extra cash. Guadagno, Christie and Walker attended a private RGA fundraiser last week. And just yesterday, the RGA doubled down on their rescue effort by launching their first attack ad of the race.
The RGA caught heat earlier in the summer for failing to commit significant resources to Guadagno’s campaign. But now that she’s clearly in serious trouble, the organization is scrambling to put together a rescue plan. It might be too little too late.
A late PR blitz from the RGA can’t change the fact that Guadagno has been Christie’s closest ally on policy and politics for the last decade. As his lieutenant governor, Guadagno helped Christie steer New Jersey into financial chaos, cut funding for Planned Parenthood, and let the New Jersey transit system crumble.
“No matter what the RGA does, the fact remains: a vote for Kim Guadagno is a vote for a Christie third term,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Guadagno has embraced the far-right policies that New Jersey voters are tired of, all to raise money for her failing campaign. But no amount of RGA money and false TV ads can erase the last seven years of chaos and failures under Guadagno and Christie.”
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