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After Spending Nearly $2.5 Million on TV Ads, Joe Lombardo Still Not Shoring Up Support

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A new PPP poll shows that, despite Joe Lombardo’s allies spending over two million dollars on TV ads to boost his campaign, Lombardo is only getting about a quarter of votes in the likely GOP primary for Nevada governor.

That support disappears when voters hear the most likely attacks on his record. After hearing about his support for defunding the police, soft record on immigration, and past support for Gov. Steve Sisolak, voters quickly drop off. With Lombardo promising to debate now that he has filed, these hits on his record are likely to be put front and center.

Additionally, in what’s been called “one of the most wide-open races in the country,” a Trump endorsement could make all the difference. Sixty percent of respondents said they would be more likely to support a Trump-endorsed contender, and forty-nine percent were likely to switch their current choice if Trump endorsed someone else.

The GOP field has proven they’ll do whatever it takes to prove themselves worthy of Trump’s support — spreading far-right conspiracy theories and extreme, unpopular policies.

“This new poll shows GOP voters aren’t set on a single candidate yet — not even Joe Lombardo, whose spending hasn’t been enough to make up for his terrible record,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “The Nevada GOP primary is still wide open, forcing all candidates to continue kissing up to Trump and his base. One thing’s certain: Republicans’ attempts to out-Trump each other will only drag the entire party down and bruise the eventual nominee.”