After Spending Big on Hate Groups, Billionaire Right-Wing Donors Divided on Who to Back in Wisconsin GOP Primary

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The Wisconsin GOP remains bitterly divided over who to nominate as the Republican candidate for governor. In their latest episode of disarray and disunity, top conservative donor Dick Uihlein is urging Kevin Nicholson to run for governor, even after his wife, Liz Uihlein, maxed out in donations to Rebecca Kleefisch and gave $200,000 to a Kleefisch-aligned super PAC.

In a statement, Dick Uihlein​​ said he “​​strongly urge[s] Kevin Nicholson to run for Governor,”  and pledged to give him his “full support and commitment to win the primary and general elections.” Dick Uihlein’s backing of Nicholson directly goes against both his wife and GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, who, in a plea to try to get the GOP to coalesce around one candidate said last week, “if Kevin Nicholson is listening — you need to not run for governor.”

The Uihlein’s non-profit has previously spent millions bankrolling a number of “right-wing extremist organizations, including ones designated as hate groups.” Now, it looks like they’re in disagreement over whether Rebecca Kleefisch or Kevin Nicholson is the best candidate to promote their values of hatred and extremism.

“The divisions in the Wisconsin GOP primary for governor run so deep, they’re driving a wedge in marriages,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “It’s obvious Wisconsin’s biggest GOP political players are worried about nominating a candidate strong enough to take on Gov. Evers and his rock-solid record of delivering for Wisconsin. While they struggle to come to an agreement on which candidate will best represent their far-right agenda, Democrats are unifying around Gov. Evers and his accomplishments on education, economic development, and infrastructure.”