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After Slashing University Budget, Gov. Bruce Rauner Gets Booed at Chicago State

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Rauner Loudly Booed At University That Saw A 40% Staff Cut Due to Budget Inaction

 While another budget deal falls apart in Springfield, Bruce Rauner visited Chicago State University’s commencement ceremony today where he was greeted by boos and jeers. 

Why? Maybe because the university had to cut 40% of its staff due to Bruce Rauner’s failed leadership and the state’s continued budget impasse.  

“Today Bruce Rauner came face-to-face with the consequences of his failed leadership,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Illinois families need a fully functioning university system to make sure their children are prepared for tomorrow’s jobs, but Rauner’s budget failures resulted in slashed school budgets and laid off staff. His continued inaction threatens the futures of Illinois families and the state’s economy. Illinois students deserve a budget that funds education. ”  




Chicago State University Laid Off About 40 Percent Of Its Staff In Response To State Budget Cuts. According to the Chicago Tribune, “Through two stopgap budgets, Chicago State has received about $32.5 million during the past year and a half. That compares with the $36.1 million it received from the state during 2014-15, the last year of full state funding. In response, Chicago State trustees declared a state of financial exigency, or emergency, in February. The university laid off about 40 percent of its employees in the spring, reduced library hours and shaved spending on travel and campus supplies.” [Chicago Tribune, 12/27/16]

In April 2016, Chicago State University, And Other Public Schools, Laid Off Hundreds of Employees. According to a Sun-Times editorial, “How about 300? That’s the number of employees Chicago State University had to lay off on April 30. Or how about 258? That’s the number of employees, including 13 faculty members, Eastern Illinois University has had to lay off. Hiring is frozen and construction projects postponed. Or maybe 500? That’s the number of employees included in a furlough program at Western Illinois University, which also has laid off 145 employees. WIU has not filled 110 jobs that became vacant through attrition. The irony here is that Gov. Rauner and the Legislature, desperate to keep public universities open at least through the fall — you know, past the elections — approved $600 million for higher education in April. But the damage had been done, and more will be done until state funding becomes stable. Predictability is everything.” [Chicago Sun-Times Editorial, 6/28/16]