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After Months of Dodging Questions, New Audio Exposes Heidi Ganahl for Spreading Big Lie

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New audio shared with 9NEWS’ Next with Kyle Clark reveals Colorado Republican candidate Heidi Ganahl is spreading Donald Trump’s dangerous Big Lie.

In an interview after announcing her candidacy, Ganahl dodged questions about election fraud. But in the recent audio, Ganahl exposes herself as a conspiracy theorist and political hack, admitting that she believes the Big Lie and only redirects to other issues to win over undecided voters.

“We’ve got to have such a red tsunami that there’s no question, there’s no fixing it,” Ganahl said. Ganahl’s spokeswoman has admitted that the campaign has not seen direct evidence of election fraud.

This revealing answer is just the latest in a series of smoke signals Ganahl has sent up to show the far-right base she’s with them. In her campaign launch and an interview with Axios, Ganahl declined to say whether President Joe Biden was legitimately elected and would not specify whether she considered the January 6 attack on the Capitol an insurrection. Ganahl even praised Trump’s lawyer John Eastman, the mastermind behind a desperate ploy to overturn the 2020 election.

Maybe Ganahl’s newfound candor will be enough to secure donations from the new Super PAC launched by Eastman’s like-minded associate, Thomas Klingenstein.

“Heidi Ganahl will flip-flop to whatever stance serves her political ambitions, even if it’s a baseless and dangerous conspiracy theory like the Big Lie,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Coloradans deserve to know where Ganahl stands, and now that she’s been caught spreading the Big Lie, she won’t be able to hide her extremist views any longer.”