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After Legislator Calls for Shooting People with Different Political Opinions, DGA Calls on Greg Gianforte To Condemn Political Violence

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Last week, a Republican lawmaker in Montana falsely said that the Constitution calls for the shooting or jailing of those with different political beliefs. When asked to clarify his remarks, state Rep. Rodney Garcia doubled down leading even the state Republican Party to condemn his remarks. 
Present at the Montana Republican Party event where Garcia made his remarks was Greg Gianforte, leading candidate for the Republican nomination for governor. Gianforte was infamously convicted of assaulting a reporter in 2017, revealing a clear disregard for basic decency and the First Amendment protections of the press and free speech. He subsequently lied to the police, evidently thinking he was above the law. Unlike many of his fellow Party members, Gianforte has stayed silent following the remarks made by his fellow lawmaker.

“In light of his history, Greg Gianforte needs to clarify whether he believes political violence is ever appropriate,” said DGA National Press Secretary Jerusalem Demsas. “If Gianforte can’t even do the right thing when it is easy, how can Montanans trust him to stand up for them when things are hard?”