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After Getting Snubbed at GOP Convention, Reichert’s Supporters Brag He Voted with Trump 92% of the Time

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After Getting Snubbed at GOP Convention, Reichert’s Supporters Brag He Voted with Trump 92% of the Time

After a humiliating loss to disgraced former board of education member and diehard Trump loyalist Semi Bird at the Washington State GOP convention, former Congressman Dave Reichert’s supporters took to social media to brag about his record of voting “with President Trump 92% of the time in Congress.”

This is true: in Congress, Reichert voted with Trump 92.5% of the time, including supporting his harmful agenda to ban abortion, strip hundreds of thousands of Washingtonians of their health care, and slash taxes for the wealthiest at the expense of hard-working Washington families. Just as importantly, this desperate move proves that Reichert and his allies are nervous about Semi Bird’s insurgent campaign and grassroots support after he won the state party endorsement with 72% of the vote.

As Republicans reject Reichert, he is working overtime to have it both ways — secretly promising supporters in a closed-door meeting that he would pretend to be a moderate to win the election, but that once he’s in office, he would “start showing our conservative ideas.” Reichert is also facing backlash from members of his own party for refusing to participate in the Washington State Republican Party’s convention this weekend. One disgruntled county party chair acknowledged Reichert’s failure to even show face at the convention, saying “unfortunately, Dave Reichert, unseen for the duration of the event, decided to withdraw from the process… His absence was disappointing for many delegates who supported him.”

“As Republicans write him off, Dave Reichert knows the only way he has a chance of competing in Washington is if he lies,” said DGA States Press Secretary Emma O’Brien. “Reichert only tells the truth behind closed doors – that he is anything but a moderate, with the track record to prove it. Washington voters haven’t forgotten Reichert’s record, and won’t be fooled by any election year maneuvering.”