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After Friday’s Debate, It’s No Wonder No-Show, No-Answers Landry Skipping Out On The Rest

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After Friday’s Debate, It’s No Wonder No-Show, No-Answers Landry Skipping Out On The Rest

Last week, Attorney General Jeff Landry made news by participating in exactly one (1) statewide, televised debate, and it went about as well as you would expect. For months now, Landry has made a reputation for himself as the candidate least likely to show up to public events, and most likely to dodge hard questions about his failed record. Just last month, fellow Republican State Senator Sharown Hewitt called him “No Show Landry” after he rushed out of the Secretary of State’s office to avoid press after qualifying for the October ballot.

On the debate stage Friday night, Landry faced attacks from all sides, and got hammered for his shady business dealings and refusal to attend public events with the other GOP candidates.

Meanwhile, instead of explaining any of it, Landry told curious voters to visit to clarify the controversies surrounding his campaign. Here’s what that webpage looks like:


Here’s what Louisianans who tuned in learned about Landry: “Landry’s opponents questioned his business dealings, his refusal to attend campaign events with the other candidates, his campaign contributions from trial attorneys, his controversial early endorsement by the Louisiana Republican Party and efforts by his office to track the movements of women who leave the state in search of abortions… Landry had been ducking campaign forums where he would have appeared together with the other six candidates, including the first televised debate last week, which featured five candidates. He has not committed to the final two televised debates on Sept. 26 and Sept. 28. A month remains until the Oct. 14 primary.”

Louisiana Illuminator: “The Lafayette debate was the rare case where Landry agreed to appear alongside his opponents. But he hasn’t committed to participating in either of the two remaining televised debates scheduled before the primary elections…unlike every other candidate, he opted out of the post-debate interviews with journalists once the cameras were off.”

AP: “While most of the night was spent on issues, some candidates took the opportunity to verbally spar with Landry, who skipped the first debate. Over the past month, most of his opponents have jabbed at Landry on social media and in interviews, calling him a bully and making accusations of backroom deals to gain support. In a recent television ad, Schroeder tied Landry to a political culture of cronyism and corruption.”

“After one debate where he was unable to answer basic questions about the controversies surrounding his career and his candidacy, Jeff Landry is back to hiding from the press, his fellow candidates, and from the Louisianans whose votes he hopes to earn,” said DGA National Press Secretary Devon Cruz. “Jeff Landry had every opportunity to be open and honest about his record and instead he led them to a dead end without any answers — a fitting metaphor for his entire gubernatorial campaign.”