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After Dismal Polling Numbers, No Show Joe Dodges Questions About His Record

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After months of hiding, Joe Lombardo finally sat down for an interview but still wouldn’t answer questions about his record that new polling shows will hurt him in the primary.

See a local news anchor call him out here.

“So Joe Lombardo has been the invisible man pretty much with media outlets reaching out to the sheriff of Clark County,” a KSNV anchor said. “Now running for governor, we want to get his views on a number of issues, but he hasn’t answered our calls for an interview.”

But when No Show Joe finally turned up for an interview yesterday, he danced around allegations that he’s not conservative enough. Grasping at straws to defend his record, Lombardo pointed to his time as sheriff.

But that record includes lying about his stance on immigration, support for defunding the police, and past support for Gov. Steve Sisolak. The latest PPP poll found Lombardo with dismal support despite his allies spending over two million dollars on TV ads. And his support drops off when voters hear about this record.

“It’s no wonder Joe Lombardo has been hiding from Nevadans,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “He knows his record is unpopular, and he risks losing what little support he has if voters find out where he really stands.”