After Both NRA ‘A’ Rated Betsy Johnson and Christine Drazan Balk on Debating Gun Violence, Tina Kotek Holds Forum to Talk Common Sense Gun Control Solutions

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Democratic nominee for Oregon governor Tina Kotek held a forum Wednesday with parents and a survivor of gun violence after her opponents refused to show up to a gun violence debate.

In the forum, Tina pledged to continue her work as a legislator to implement common sense gun control restrictions that make Oregon communities safer.

Even after the deadly shooting in a grocery store in Bend, Oregon last week, Christine Drazan and Betsy Johnson are blazing ahead with their extreme agendas. They have always been beholden to the gun lobby and would’ve made it easier for criminals and domestic abusers to get guns. They won’t even debate the issue — but their records speak for themselves:

As the Oregon Capital Chronicle reports, “Both Johnson and Drazan have received ‘A’ ratings from the National Rifle Association, and both voted against gun control measures during their years in the Legislature. Johnson…voted against laws that expanded background checks and prevented people convicted of domestic abuse from obtaining guns.”

Meanwhile, “Drazan…voted against legislation requiring safe gun storage” and “has pledged to veto additional regulations,” that prevent gun violence.

“Oregonians want to know what their next governor will do to address gun violence in their communities,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Tina Kotek is the only candidate in the race with a comprehensive public safety plan that includes common sense gun control solutions. Meanwhile, Betsy Johnson and Christine Drazan are too scared to come to the table because they know their records of putting the NRA ahead of stopping criminals from getting guns are dangerous and unpopular.”