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After Betraying Taxpayers and Alienating Republicans, Gianforte Tries to Distract from Failures in First TV Ad

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After Betraying Taxpayers and Alienating Republicans, Gianforte Tries to Distract from Failures in First TV Ad

As polling shows his disapproval rating rising, and reporting shows Montanans across the political spectrum increasingly frustrated with his failed leadership, Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte’s first TV ad of the general election shows the incumbent on defense against challenger Ryan Busse. Here’s why:

  • Skyrocketing Property Tax Bills: ​​Despite warnings from his own Department of Revenue, Gianforte has overseen the “highest tax increase in state history” — choosing to pass tax cuts for the ultra-wealthyinstead of relief for working families now wondering how they will be able to afford to stay in their homes.
  • Unconstitutional Abortion Restrictions: Gianforte has repeatedly defied voters across the political spectrum who rejected abortion restrictions at the ballot box, and signed abortion restrictions that were eventually deemed unconstitutional. Montanans have made clear they do not support for enacting Gianforte’s extreme anti-choice agenda, yet he continues to go all in on attacking reproductive freedom.
  • Medicaid Expansion Under Threat: With the end of Montana’s Medicaid expansion looming next year, Gianforte has refused to commit to renewing this lifesaving bipartisan program — threatening the future of rural hospitals and jeopardizing health care for more than 100,000 Montanans.
  • Backlash from Leading Republicans: Gianforte’s failure to address the state’s property tax crisis and his veto blocking bipartisan funding for public lands have  prompted scathing criticism from  GOP county commissioners, state representatives, and voters alike.
  • Rising Disapproval Rating: As a result, Gianforte enters the general election with a disapproval rating that has risen more than ten points since last fall, even with his approval rating of 37 percent. Critically, only 24 percent of independent voters say the state is headed in the right direction.

“Montanans know that Gov. Greg Gianforte has been a failure as their governor, and apparently so does he,” said DGA National Press Secretary Devon Cruz. “As his disapproval rating rises, even Gianforte knows that he cannot run on his record of skyrocketing housing costs, assaults on public lands, and attacks on Montanans’ freedoms — which is why he is looking for anything else to talk about in his reelection campaign.”