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After Attacking Students and Veterans, McMaster Files for Reelection

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McMaster Called Protesting Students ‘Tool’ of the Left

Says Taxes are ‘Worse than War’

Has anyone had a worse reelection roll-out than South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster?
In the days before officially filing for governor, McMaster picked fights with the worst two groups possible: students and veterans.
As students around the state held peaceful protests demanding to feel safe at school again, McMaster attackedthem calling it “shameful” and claimed that they were a “tool” of a left-wing group. McMaster’s comments made national news, and even survivors of the Parkland tragedy scolded him.
Then yesterday, the governor spoke at a business forum and called taxes “worse than war.” John Warren, a Marine veteran and primary opponent, jumped on the bizarre claim saying McMaster, “owes every man and woman who has defended our country in a war an apology for his insulting comparison.”
To recap: students who want to feel safe are shameful, and the average taxpayer has it worse than veterans of war. What a mess.
“In the last week, Henry McMaster showed South Carolinians the real meaning of ‘shameful,’” said DGA Deputy Press Secretary Alex Japko. “Belittling the service of veterans and attacking students is no way to lead a state. Now that he’s officially running for reelection, he should start his campaign by apologizing to the veterans and students of South Carolina.”
McMaster’s electoral problems extend far beyond this week. His first year as governor was rife with controversy and scandal. To name a few, he defended his membership to an all-white country club, defended his connection to the statehouse corruption investigation, and is still dealing with the SCANA nuclear scandal. He also faces a nasty and expensive primary fight.