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After Aligning Himself with MAGA Extremism Since Day One, Mark Ronchetti Wins Donald Trump’s Endorsement

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It’s official: Mark Ronchetti has earned the support from the Republican Party’s leading right-wing conspiracy theorist. On Truth Social, Donald Trump announced he’s endorsing Ronchetti saying “Mark [h]as my total endorsement!” 

Ronchetti has aligned himself with MAGA extremists and embraced their toxic and dangerous policies since the start of his campaign. Ronchetti refused to denounce extremists, like the Proud Boys, the Oathkeepers, and the 3 Percenters. Instead, he insinuated that these extremist groups are unfairly criticized.

Ronchetti also accepted not one, but two campaign contributions from New Mexico’s fake electors who tried to overturn the election for Donald Trump. Ronchetti also accepted a donation from John Eastman, the architect of Trump’s attempt to overturn the 2020 election.

Additionally, Ronchetti embraces the MAGA GOP’s out-of-touch and extreme policies. He opposes abortion at “all stages,” and he has raked in money from a radical anti-abortion group whose mission is to “end abortion.”

“Mark Ronchetti has been in lock-step with the MAGA GOP since day one, so it’s no surprise Trump is backing his campaign,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Donald Trump and extreme Republicans are hard at work to elect Ronchetti in the final days of this race because they know he’ll stand with them every time. Trump’s endorsement makes it clearer than ever that Ronchetti is on the side of extremism — not working New Mexicans.”