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After a Nasty GOP Primary, Brian Kemp’s Problems With His Own Party Aren’t Going Away Anytime Soon

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Brian Kemp scraped by a nasty GOP primary, but many Georgia Republicans have already said they’d rather sit out the general election than vote for him.

“So many Republicans are just not going to vote for Kemp,” Donald Trump warned during a tele-rally earlier this month.

“I don’t think I can vote for Brian Kemp,” one Republican voter told Business Insider. An 81-year-old Georgian who’s voted Republican since 1964 said, “I wouldn’t vote for [Kemp or Raffensperger.] They’re not Republicans. They’re liars.” And a 70-year-old Republican agreed, “I will not vote for Gov. Kemp.”

On top of the impossible task of unifying a deeply divided base, Kemp will also have to defend his harmful record of passing extreme abortion restrictions, making it easier for criminals to carry guns, and blocking health care expansion.

Meanwhile, Stacey Abrams is running with a unified base behind her and a plan to improve life for working families by investing in small businesses and rural development, expanding Medicaid, and fully funding public schools.

“The primary may be over, but Brian Kemp is still the most vulnerable governor in the country with his own Republican party refusing to get behind him and a harmful record of making life worse and more dangerous for Georgians,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton.