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ADVISORY: Malloy to Speak to Democratic Convention

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ADVISORY: Malloy to Speak to Democratic Convention

Gov. Dan Malloy to address DNCC during 6pm Hour

PHILADELPHIA – On Monday evening during the 6pm hour*, Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy, Chair of the Democratic Governors Association, will address the Democratic National Convention from Convention Hall at the Wells Fargo Arena in Philadelphia, PA.

Gov. Malloy will tell his story of why he supports Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party, how Democratic governors have successfully advanced the party’s platform at the state level, and the importance of electing Democratic governors to restore fair electoral maps in the post-2020 redistricting process.

Watch a live feed of Gov. Malloy’s speech here.   

WHO: Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy, Democratic Governors Association Chair

WHERE: Democratic National Convention, Wells Fargo Arena, Philadelphia, PA

WHEN: Monday, July 25th – 6pm hour 

*Times subject to change. Please send additional questions to