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Ads Up Against Abbott

Latest News

Primary challenger Don Huffines has launched yet another attack on Gov. Greg Abbott, releasing a tv ad that slams Abbott’s policies and touts Huffines’ support from Donald Trump’s far-right base.

Huffines’ ad affirms Abbott is public enemy #1 in what’s sure to be a nasty GOP primary dominated by Republican infighting. The ad accuses Abbott of “siding with Fauci” and says, “Trump Republicans are flooding to the Huffines campaign.”

Huffines has been slamming Abbott since day one of his candidacy when he called Abbott a “political windsock” whose governorship has been dominated by “excuses and lies.”

Abbott’s disastrous COVID response has triggered an onslaught of challengers from within his own party, including Huffines and Texas GOP chairman Allen West, who once co-hosted an anti-Abbott protest outside of the Governor’s Mansion. Huffines even welcomed West into the race by saying, “Texans can do better than Greg Abbott.”

“Don Huffines’ nasty attack ad proves Texas Republicans are eager to replace Gov. Greg Abbott,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Abbott is being slammed from all angles for his catastrophic response to COVID. As he faces off against far-right challengers and scrambles to appease Trump’s base, Texans stand ready to reject four more years of Abbott’s failed leadership.”