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Adam Putnam Can’t Name One Issue Where He Disagrees With Trump

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Miami Herald: ‘Putnam punted when asked if he disagrees with any actions by Trump.’

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam refuses to distance himself from President Trump. Even with constant chaos roiling the White House, Putnam could not tell reporters yesterday one thing he disagreed with President Trump on.

The Miami Herald reported that, “Putnam punted when asked if he disagrees with any actions by Trump.”

After endorsing Trump in the general election last year, Putnam has tried to fashion himself in Trump’s image. Putnam’s campaign slogan is “Florida First” and he’s taken to bashing trade deals in recent speeches.

“Floridians deserve a governor who will actually put Florida first,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Trump has already tried to jack up health care costs for seniors, tried to slash taxes for the rich, and put our national security at risk, yet Putnam won’t say a thing. Floridians need a governor who will stand up to the federal government when it threatens their well-being. Putnam has already shown he’s unwilling to do that.”