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Adam Laxalt’s Biggest Liability Is His Lack of Moral Judgment

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Laxalt refuses to cut ties with Sheriff accused of multiple allegations of sexual misconduct

Adam Laxalt’s biggest liability is his lack of moral judgment. He’s been caught on tape doing his largest donor’s bidding. He parrots the Koch Brothers talking points. In essence, he puts the priorities of his donors, special interests, and political allies above all else even if the morally correct decision is obvious.
This brings us to the most galling and perplexing example of his lack of judgment is the horrifying details surrounding Sheriff Gerald Antinoro.
For months, Adam Laxalt and his campaign have been dogged by questions about his support for the Sheriff from rural Storey county. Sheriff Antinoro has a sordid history, having been found by a found by an independent investigation to have sexually harassed his deputy. In fact the Storey County sheriff’s office has received “more than 10” other complaints of misconduct. Just this weekend, a new complaint was filed.
Laxalt has said he cannot comment because his office was investigating, which is now in doubt.
So why is Adam Laxalt refusing to disavow Sheriff Antinoro?
“At first glance, it makes zero sense why Adam Laxalt would continue to support a human being like Sheriff Antinoro,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “However, when you look at his pattern of behavior, it is clear that Adam Laxalt will do whatever it takes to protect his donors and political allies, whether or not it hurts Nevadans. His continued association with someone who has allegedly abused his power to commit despicable crimes shows Nevada Laxalt’s true colors.”