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Adam Laxalt Has Problems in the Republican Family…And His Own

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Both Nevada Republicans and Laxalt’s own family are rejecting Laxalt’s toxic platform

It’s October and that means the holidays are approaching, and those annual family get-togethers are near.
But Adam Laxalt isn’t celebrating the season. His wildly out-of-touch views on education and health care have turned both his family – and leading members of the GOP – against him.
Laxalt was blasted by his own family in a CNN report on Sunday because “he effectively spat in the face of one of the finest governors Nevada has ever had.” Laxalt has promised to repeal Gov. Brian Sandoval’s chief legislative achievement–a $400 million investment into Nevada’s public education system.
Unsurprisingly, Sandoval would prefer his legacy remain intact, which is why he has refrained from offering his support to the Republican gubernatorial nominee. And he is rubbing salt in Laxalt’s wounds as he campaigned for other Republicans while he has yet to endorse Laxalt.
“It has to be hard when both your actual family and your fellow Republicans are against your platform,” said Democratic Governors Association Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “If Laxalt had his way, he’d roll back Nevada’s Medicaid expansion, undermine critical protections for pre-existing conditions, and gut crucial funding for Nevada’s public schools. Clearly, this is more than enough for Nevada Republicans, and Laxalt’s own family, to reject him. Nevadans will do the same on November 6th.”