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Abraham Files For Congress…While Running For Governor

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In a real show of confidence in his floundering run for Louisiana governor, Rep. Ralph Abraham filed paperwork yesterday to run for Congress in 2020.
To be fair, his gubernatorial campaign hasn’t been smooth sailing. Stories of Abraham stiffing veterans and children with cancer overshadowed his campaign launch. Abraham was boasting about Trump’s visit to Louisiana—only to have Trump ask Rep. Steve Scalise to run for Louisiana governor on the flight to the Pelican state. Last week, Abraham’s campaign posted dismal fundraising numbers that his campaign didn’t even try to spin.
“It’s no surprise Abraham filed paperwork to run for Congress as a back-up since his gubernatorial campaign is floundering,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “From the start of his gubernatorial campaign, Abraham has put his own personal ambitions ahead of showing up for the Louisianans who elected him. No matter what office Abraham ultimately decides to seek, he’s already shown himself to be another craven politician who only cares about himself.”