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Abortion Attacks Send NC-GOV GOP Primary Into Even More Extreme Territory

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Abortion Attacks Send NC-GOV GOP Primary Into Even More Extreme Territory  

A new report from WRAL details how North Carolina’s already messy GOP primary for governor is only getting more extreme this week with Bill Graham taking aim at Lt. Governor Mark Robinson for “wavering on abortion and not showing enough support for North Carolina’s new law” banning abortion.

Robinson’s enthusiasm for extreme abortion restrictions is no secret: he promised in February that if he were elected governor, he would sign a bill saying, “You can’t have an abortion for any reason,” and in May pledged to “continue to move the ball” on restricting reproductive freedom.

These attacks come as Graham, the newcomer to the race, looks to change the conversation away from his past criticisms of Donald Trump — confirming yet again that no matter the issue, North Carolina’s GOP gubernatorial primary is going to come down to ideological litmus tests and who can stake out the most extreme position.

​​“North Carolina’s GOP gubernatorial primary all comes down to who can stake out the most toxic and extreme territory,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Izzi Levy. “While Bill Graham and Mark Robinson hurl attacks and point fingers, all they are really doing is reminding voters again and again that their dangerous agenda is far too extreme for North Carolina. ”