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A Year of Failure: Scott Walker’s RGA Tenure Ends With 0-2 Record

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Walker Flops on National Stage Again, Now Faces Underwater Approval Ratings in Wisconsin

One year after he took the reins at the RGA, bullish about his party’s prospects for success in 2017, Chairman Scott Walker is now ending his tenure in disgrace after a year of failure and embarrassment for the organization.
What a difference a year makes:
-In November of 2016, Walker said, “I look forward to building on the RGA’s momentum with the two gubernatorial races we have in 2017, both of which present an opportunity to elect new Republican governors, and the recruitment opportunities we face for 36 races in 2018.”
– Now, Walker is trying to soft pedal the RGA’s 0-2 record during his tenure while failing to present solutions to move the organization forward: “Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said Republican governors are now trying to answer those questions after Gillespie, whom he called ‘an exceptionally good candidate,’ was so soundly defeated. ‘What is driving the turnout? Is it a specific issue? Is it a specific region? Is it a specific type of voter? What impact of Washington?’ Walker said, without offering an answer.”
And to add injury to insult, while Walker has been focused on running the RGA into the ground, his standing within his home state has plummeted. A poll just last month found him with underwater approval ratings, and trailing 48-43 in a matchup against a generic Democrat. Only 43% of voters approve of Walker’s performance as governor while 49% disapprove.
“Not only has Scott Walker been an abject failure as RGA Chair, but he’s headed towards another failure in Wisconsin next year,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Scott Walker has been neglecting his own backyard while focusing on his failed presidential bid and disastrous tenure at the RGA. Wisconsin voters have had enough.”