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A Record to Be Afraid of: Allan Fung’s Plan for Rhode Island

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Allan Fung’s Claims There is ‘Nothing to Be Afraid Of’ – But He’s Been a Patsy for Trump’s Agenda
Yesterday, Mayor Allan Fung said to the Rhode Island AFL-CIO,  “even though I am Republican, there is nothing to be afraid of.” But in reality, Fung’s support for President Trump and record on the issues important to Rhode Island families is downright terrifying.
Fung proudly supported Trump’s candidacy during the 2016 election and was excited to attend Trump’s inauguration.
Fung posted a photo of himself grinning with a big thumbs up from the inauguration of Donald Trump. [Facebook, 1/20/17]
Fung continues to support Trump now. 
Asked to give Trump a letter grade, Fung said, “I would say probably a B. I think he’s done a good job with the economy.” [WPRI, 9/11/18]
“Rhode Islanders should be scared of Allan Fung’s plan to bring Donald Trump’s policies to the Ocean State,” said DGA Press Secretary Melissa Miller. “From refusing to stand up for Rhode Islanders with pre-existing conditions to opposing common-sense steps to get guns out of schools, the Fung agenda is downright terrifying.”
Fung Would Not Stand Up for Rhode Islanders Against the Trump Administration’s Attacks on Health Care Coverage. According to WPRI, “U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced late last week the administration is reversing its legal position in a case challenging the law, often called Obamacare. Rather than continuing the Obama administration’s defense of the law, Sessions’ lawyers will now back Texas and other states in seeking to eliminate the individual mandate as well as the guarantee that insurers sell to individuals with pre-existing conditions. Rhode Island is one of 15 states that have been defending the law after Attorney General Peter Kilmartin joined California in support of it, and Raimondo highlighted her continued backing for its provisions at an event Tuesday morning. {…} Fung’s spokesman has not yet responded to a question about his position regarding the Affordable Care Act lawsuit. He has previously said he does not support the health law.” [WPRI, 6/12/18]
Fung Opposed Gun Safety Measures After Parkland School Shooting. According to WPRI, “Republican gubernatorial candidate Allan Fung said Monday he opposes a state-level ban on “assault weapons” and has concerns about the proposed ‘red flag’ bill to disarm some individuals, offering his first extended comments on guns since the Florida school shooting.” [WPRI, 2/26/18]