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A Look at Colorado GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Heidi Ganahl’s Record of Welcoming Extremists and Defending Hate Speech

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GOP gubernatorial candidate and University of Colorado Regent Heidi Ganahl has claimed she wants the University of Colorado Boulder to host “free speech,” and that she is a “defender of freedom of thought.” Yet, the evidence shows what Ganahl is really defending is far-right, hate speech.

Days after GOP candidate Heidi Ganahl shared an endorsement from far-right extremist Charlie Kirk, Kirk spoke at CU Boulder, loading his remarks with anti-LGBTQ smears. The same day as his endorsement of Ganahl, Kirk released a podcast episode centered on pushing election conspiracy theories.

Under her tenure as a regent, Ganahl has refused to denounce the presence of far-right extremists speaking on campus, and she has supported efforts to defend speech even when it is “wrong or insensitive.”

Ganahl also suggested she was in support of the KKK being invited to campuses. When asked directly if the KKK should be allowed to visit campuses, Ganahl argued: “I think that student groups should have the right to sponsor any group that they want to bring to campus.” 

Proving her penchant to choose politics over doing what’s right, Ganahl also played a critical role in the secretive, widely protested and failed appointment of former Minnesota Republican Rep. Mark Kennedy as president of the university.

“As regent, Ganahl focused her efforts on allowing far-right radicals to come to Colorado. It’s clear she’d continue to do the same if elected governor. While she continues to defend hate speech, she’s shown no real leadership or interest in working to improve life for Coloradans,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy.