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91 Days After DGA Calls on Rauner to Disavow Greitens, Rauner Finally Caves

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Under Pressure, Rauner Finally Renounces Missouri Governor Who Appeared in Rauner’s TV Ads

Almost three months ago exactly, the Democratic Governors Association called on Governor Bruce Rauner to renounce Missouri Governor Eric Greitens, who has been accused of sexual misconduct with and attempting to blackmail his former hairdresser.
This afternoon, Rauner finally did.
Despite the serious and disturbing allegations surrounding Greitens, Rauner repeatedly refused to cast off his political ally. Rauner had previously given Greitens a $100,000 donation and made him the star of his re-election ads, putting $1.3 million behind them. Today, Rauner did not say that he would ask for his money back or if he regretted using Greitens in campaign ads.
Even now, Rauner left up the ad featuring Greitens on Facebook and Twitter.
“As Governor of Illinois, Bruce Rauner should be a leader in condemning sexual assault,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Three months ago, Bruce Rauner could have done the right thing and renounced Missouri Governor Eric Greitens, but he refused. Rauner stood by his political ally for as long as possible and never showed remorse for profiling him so prominently.”