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7 Reasons Why Illinois Doesn’t Want Advice from Yet Another Ethically-Challenged Governor

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In less than 24 hours, scandal-plagued Governor Chris Christie is set to embark on a fundraising tour for the Republican Governors Association in Chicago.  But in what is becoming a trend, billionaire gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner and his fellow Republicans vying for the nomination refuse to appear with Christie.  Just last week, Texas gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott refused to attend a Christie fundraiser, undoubtedly because of the avalanche of revelations of Christie’s abuses of power in New Jersey.
As Christie becomes more and more of a liability for both the Republican Governors Association and the national Republican party, here is a list of seven reasons why the people of Illinois don’t need advice from another ethically-challenged governor:
7.  Illinois Suffered Through Two Corrupt Governors in a Row.  After seeing its last two governors sent to federal prison, Illinois now finally has its first honest governor in more than a decade: Gov. Pat Quinn, who has restored integrity to the governor’s office.
6.  Illinois is Building Bridges and Repairing Them – Not Closing Them for Political Retribution.  Bridges built and repaired to improve Illinois’ infrastructure since Governor Quinn took office: 1,311. Bridges closed and lives endangered for petty political payback? Zero. [State of the State Address]
5.  Illinois is Putting Federal Recovery Funds Toward Families.  In Illinois, federal funds earmarked for natural disaster relief go towards helping families, not to making TV commercials featuring the Governor in an election year. [The New Jersey Star-Ledger, 1/13/14]
4.  Illinois Isn’t Using Federal Recovery Funds as Political Leverage.  Federal flood relief funding isn’t used as leverage to benefit an insider development. [The New York Times, 1/29/14]
3.  Illinois Isn’t Handling Out No-Bid Contracts to Political Cronies. $50 million, no-bid contracts aren’t given to a controversial George W. Bush appointee. [Buzzfeed, 1/13/14]
2.  Illinois Officals Don’t Make a Habit of Staying in 5-star Hotels.  Illinois officials don’t travel by limo and stay in five-star hotels on taxpayers’ dime. [Talking Points Memo, 11/9/10]

1.  Even Romney – A 16 Point Loser In Illinois – Didn’t Want Christie Next to Him. Mitt Romney lost Illinois by more than 16 points, yet Christie’s ethics problems were so staggering that even he disqualified him as a potential running mate. [The New Jersey Star-Ledger, 10/31/13]