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RGA Chair Refuses to Defend HB2

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RGA Chair Refuses to Defend HB2

In NC, Gov. Martinez declines to comment on McCrory’s anti-LGBT law

McCrory emerging as RGA’s biggest problem in 2016

House Bill 2 has become such a big disaster for Gov. Pat McCrory that even the chair of the Republican Governors Association won’t defend it.

Yesterday, Gov. Martinez traveled to North Carolina amid a backlash after the NCAA and ACC pulled championship events out of the state over McCrory’s anti-LGBT law.

But what was her response when asked by the Santa Fe New Mexican about her position on McCrory’s hallmark discrimination law?


“Martinez spokesmen Chris Sanchez and Michael Lonergan did not return phone calls, emails or texts seeking comment Thursday,” reported the Santa Fe New Mexican“Among the questions unanswered by her spokesmen was whether Martinez’s trip was any reflection of support for the North Carolina law that makes it illegal for transgender people to use public restrooms not designated for the gender indicated on their birth certificate.”

“Pat McCrory’s job-killing HB2 is so toxic that even the head of the Republican Governors Association won’t defend it,” said DGA Communication Director Jared Leopold. “If the RGA is running millions of dollars in ads to support Governor McCrory, why won’t their chair stand up and defend his signature law? As the most vulnerable incumbent governor this cycle, Pat McCrory is clearly one of the RGA’s biggest problems in 2016.”

As the fallout from House Bill 2 grows, McCrory’s campaign sinks further and further underwater. Recent polling and analysis shows how endangered McCrory’s reelection is as Tar Heel voters continue to overwhelmingly reject McCrory’s discrimination law.

Yesterday’s refusal to answer questions wasn’t the first time Martinez has been dragged into McCrory’s HB2 mess. Earlier this year, Martinez was forced to cancel a trip North Carolina in April, shortly after McCrory signed the law that sparked an intense wave of public outrage. At the time, Martinez cited the anniversary celebration of a tramway in New Mexico as reason for canceling.