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6 Months Since Rauner Proposed to Cut The Minimum Wage

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This week marks the six-month anniversary of the unveiling of billionaire Bruce Rauner’s only concrete policy position – to cut the state’s minimum wage from $8.25 to $7.25 an hour.
That’s right –  Billionaire Bruce made more than $1 million a week in 2012 for doing nothing (he was just collecting checks while kicking back, retired, at one of his nine homes), yet believes someone working 40 hours a week should see their pre-tax wages slashed by $2080, from $17,160 to $15,080.
In 2012, Bruce Rauner made a reported $53 million. In six months, he would earn the $15,080 salary 1,757 times.
You read that correctly-the billionaire who claims he understands the hardships of working-class families, who made $53 million in a single year at his venture capital firm through a combination of massive layoffs, wrongful deaths of senior citizens, outsourcing of American jobs overseas and outright fraud, wants to cut the wages of people already living under the poverty line.
Rauner’s minimum wage policy is only made worse by the fact that Billionaire Bruce refuses to reveal his own budget plan. He’s keeping it secret because he is too weak to admit that the only way to pay for his tax cuts that disproportionately benefit himself and his wealthy pals is to raise other taxes on the middle class or gut investments in education, public safety, and veterans’ care.
Perhaps after being so honest about his minimum wage plan, he realizes that to do so would be political suicide. Unfortunately for him, voters are smarter than he thinks, and can see through a dishonest politician like him when they see one.
Read about Rauner’s selfish minimum wage proposal first made six months ago here.